Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Write Content That Lasts Forever

If only it were that easy. Here are three possible ways of doing it.1 Usable. You can write content that is immediately usable, or at least very quickly usable. These are the step by step formats where you take the reader through a process they're having problems with. You need to analyse the process first so that each step is clearly defined and is obviously following on from the previous one and leading on to the next one. Miss a step out or have it fuzzy and the content loses its value.The other thing is to keep it simple in language and length. It may cover everything but if it goes on and on, the brain switches off. Ask yourself what you can miss out but still cover enough steps to make the process workable. You could add in details in another place.2 Informative. This content might not tell you exactly how to do something, though that could be included, but it does widen your knowledge and understanding of a topic. This could also be in sections but analysed this time for clarity of comprehension. This is so the reader can put together the information in the sections to get a whole picture of the topic and hopefully see it in a new light.Mindmapping is good for this. You can clearly lay out the different parts yet also see the relationships between those parts. For example, in your content you could organise the material by importance, going down in a list fashion from most to least important aspect of the topic.3 Emotion. People like to read where there is strong emotion of some kind involved. The most common type of this content is an account or story of the writer's experience in some area. Perhaps there's been involvement in a failing business or not being able to meet targets and thus let someone else down. You can think of this kind of content in a story form or a movie form, with a dramatic and crucial incident at the start, followed by the problems overcome, or not, as responses to that incident are detailed.To get more information click here Vidicom or you can also click here Vidicom Productions

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