Sunday, 19 October 2014

Listening to Stories of Life in Our Iranian Culture

Story telling has a deep root in our Iranian culture, something that has unconsciously assisted all of us one way or another, to the better or worse. We build relationships when our stories of life are close to one another. However, we have to learn the ways in which we listen to the stories we hear about self, others, and the world.Basically we Iranian are not the best listeners. We may be story tellers but not story listeners.  We just talk because talking does not cost anything. Is that right?At least partially, each one of us, we tend to believe that we have a sense of understanding for our history, our ancestors, and our past. However the question is how much we listen to the stories that are passed down to us by our elders? How much do we learn from those stories?Our interpersonal relationship in our Iranian culture has never been studied in the light of listening to our narratives.Telling story for thousands of years has been the only way of transferring knowledge and information to next generations. Listening to the subjective narratives and adding our subjective interpretations to the story is another detail that needs additional special attention.Story telling is an undeniably big part of our Iranian interpersonal relationship. We constantly tell one another stories about many areas of life. However, how much do we listen to those stories?I guess we develop special knowledge about people and places by the stories we hear all the time.  In the middle of everything, we barely learn to listen to what our elders or even youngsters have to say. Reverse side of this concern is that our children listen carefully. Children have a great sense of conceptualization for everything we say and do.  The stories we share with our children have huge impact on the person they will become.Our lens of viewing the world is basically built upon which stories we hear about real people, real places, and real incidents. Listening is a skill that requires a peaceful approach to life. If we are in rush all the time or if we are traumatized, we may not have the ability to listen to what others say.  Listening brings empathy; we tend to empathize with those people whose story of life is close to our heart. We despise people whose story of life or style of life is diverse from us. Why is that?  May be we do not listen carefully to the diverse ideas of others.We have to learn and accept the fact that we have different stories of life based on our diverse style of life. We Iranian have a long way to discuss our interpersonal relationships concerning the ways in which we connect to one another. The first step toward any change in our relationship is to develop listening skills.Acknowledging and understanding this metaphoric communication is a basic tool for any parent, any couple, and any family. It is absolute crucial to listen carefully to our children's narratives. We Iranian have definitely a narrative background. Our children have stories every day. We have to listen to them in order to learn about their inner world.To get more information click here iran travel or you can also click here travel to iran

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