Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Birdhouse With My Driveway Alarm? Why?

If you have been considering purchasing or have already purchased a driveway alarm system you may have noticed or been offered a birdhouse to go with the unit. You may have then asked yourself, what the heck is the connection these products birdhouses?Most wireless driveway alarms work great. They are quick and easy to setup, batteries typically have great longevity and when a person or vehicle pass the wireless sensor your chime will activate.

Just what you wanted when you bought the system! These systems are not inexpensive however and as they become more popular people are noticing them more and identifying the sensors as being valuable.What does any of that have to do with a birdhouse?Imagine someone decided they were interested in your wireless sensor, or even just the transmitter box (if you are using a wireless probe or rubber hose system). These components are expensive to replace and you will be without your driveway alarm for a period of time while shopping and waiting for your new component. Everything that made that sensor so easy to attach to your tree or post, also makes it that easy to remove making for a very tempting target for thieves.Now imagine your driveway sensor or transmitter box is inside a birdhouse, exact same functionality. Everything still works great but no one else knows what is in there. From the outside it looks like any other birdhouse but in fact they are birdhouses specially designed to house the sensors or transmitter boxes.

They can also extend the life expectancy of the outdoor sensors or transmitter boxes. While they are all designed and sealed for year round outdoor use repeated seasons of exposure to sun, snow, wind, rain etc. does eventually break down the plastic. A birdhouse can extend its life expectancy by several years.Finally for driveway alarm users who take a lot of pride in their front lawns and landscaping they may find they just plain don't like the way the unit looks out there on a post or driveway. But everyone likes birdhouses! On top of all the reasons listed above to choose a birdhouse for your driveway alarm sensor they do also just look better than most (or all) driveway alarm sensors and transmitters.So when you are purchasing your driveway alarm system don't forget to consider that birdhouse option, you may find more uses for it than you thought!
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