Sunday, 16 November 2014

4 Ideas to Use Postcards to Spread the News

If you have a company newsletter, then postcards are one way that you can send it out effectively and inexpensively. If you do not have a company newsletter, then postcards are a great way to get one started without spending a lot of money. In addition, postcards can help you to market your business more effectively. Here are four ways that you can do so easily using postcards.Send out Frequent UpdatesIf business is constantly changing, or you have frequent sales that you want to advertise, then postcards are the way to go. Postcards are faster to create and easier to send than other forms of mail, and you can easily send out postcards on a regular basis. Whether you have a monthly special that you want to promote or the weekly figures to celebrate, sending postcards allows you to do so frequently and easily. And since the format of a postcard is shorter than a letter, there is a better chance that your target audience will read it.Share InformationDo you have a great pie chart, a list of figures, or maybe some short testimonials that you want to use but just don't know how to incorporate them into a newsletter or other medium? A postcard is the ideal way to share this information. Because postcards are small, copy has to be kept short and to the point, and small blurbs of information are often the best way to go. This can also be a great way to share fantastic images and artwork with your customers. Have the image take up one side of the postcard, and then your contact information will easily fill the other half of the back (remember that half of the backside has to be left blank for addressing).Write an ArticleYou can use a postcard to share a short article or a personal note. This makes it great for reminders for appointments or to share why keeping that appointment is so important. Remember that while the postcard is smaller, your font shouldn't be - fonts should stay at least 10 or 12 point to make sure that they are readable. If your article is longer, consider going with an irregular, larger-sized postcard so that everything will fit comfortably within the margins without shrinking the font.Sales and DiscountsAll good shoppers love sales, and a postcard is a great way to advertise the news of upcoming sales and to offer special discounts. Consider offering a discount to customers that bring the postcard back to you. Not only will this prompt the customer to hold onto your postcard, increasing brand awareness, but it will also help you to judge how effective your marketing campaign is. You can also include a coupon for consumers to use the next time that they shop with you.If you need an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to get your message out, postcards are the way to go. Creating a regular newsletter via postcards will save you time and money while still assisting you with telling your customers what they need to know.To get more information click here news in nigeria or you can also click here boko haram news

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