Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Transform your Google Position By Speeding Up Your Site

Google are constantly changing their lookup algorithm ensuring that sites providing the best customer experience check out the top of the organic and natural results. Good content is vital, supported up by relevant and authoritative inbound links. Clearly it is really an over simplification and in fact there are at least 100 boxes that need ticking to give your site every chance of appearing at the top of Google, but upward until now site velocity will not be one of them. Get more information about how to get on top of Google using posicionamiento en google.

Google made us aware about a year in the past that this metric would be added to their formula which was further supported by them adding site performance into webmaster tools which shows how fast your site is when compared with other sites. But they have recently made an official announcement on the Google Webmaster Central Weblog that they are now including it in their search engine ranking algorithm.

There is a link within the site performance section of the webmaster tools to a Mozilla Firefox Wordpress tool called Page Speed. Regarding course this isn't the sole tool available to determine site speed but it is the the one that Google are recommending of course, if you click on the help button it takes you to Google's help web page so it would be fair to assume that it turned out developed by them and as they are the ones that control the protocol that this is a good tool for the job. Get your Google ranking by following posicionamiento organico.

The loading speed of a site is definitely important. In the days and nights of dial up cable connections it was particularly relevant but with the advent of broadband it has been overlooked to a certain extent. But it should be remembered the speed of connections vary enormously especially between metropolitan areas and the countryside and as more people are employing mobile devices to accessibility the web it is once again of the utmost relevance as anyone will know that has tried to access a slow site in an area with out a 3G connection. If you incorporate this with the fact that the speed of your site could very well cause you to drop down the search engine ratings then now is the time to optimise the speed of your website.

So don't wait until your rankings drop because it usually takes months to regain them if at all! If you would like any assistance with increasing the speed of your site then just call us and we will be happy to help you speed up your website.

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