Monday, 4 July 2016

R&B Hip Hop

Hip-hop has had a substantial influence on several genres of music. R&B, specifically, was the most influenced as to necessitate a subgenre. The key difference was that the subgenre was rough and contained less of an R&B influence.

Take and R&B singers, including Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child, appropriated hip-hop to be able to relate to younger, urban audiences, thus creating a subgenre coined ""hip-hop Soul"". This genre features hip-hop backbeats, superimposed with vocals which were sung in the style of spirit music; the lyrics, however, integrated street lingo and adult themes.

Impudence characterizes the styling of hip-hop soul. These hitherto conventional singers sported tattoos, put on leather, and wore a defiant look in the vein of hip-hop musicians. Pop singers, who were reluctant to change their images, commenced collaborating with a rapper to remix one of their tracks, and incorporated the remix in their albums. These remixes were pegged as singles, and allowed the singers to retain their signature styles.

These remixed tracks soon became all the rage, and hip-hop soul crossed racial divides, earning its artists popular recognition. Veteran R&B musicians also made interest among young, modern day audiences through their association with hip-hop. Patti LaBelle has executed with Outkast; Chaka Khan granted permission to Kanye West to re-mix her tracks. By joining forces with hip-hop artists, R&B singers thus reached out to a fresh age group.

Hip-hop soul is known as more mature than modern-day R&B, and targets an adult audience. This is mainly due to the genre's concentrate on the seamier aspects of life; hip-hop soul vocalists also use adult terminology and themes, which has drawn censure from people who have the genre of music, similar to hip-hop, glorifies negative stereotypes.

Although hip-hop soul witnessed a uninteresting period with the beginning of Neo Soul, another R&B subgenre in the late 90s, it is now experiencing a rise in popularity due to singers like Jaheim, Amerie, Keyshia Cole, and Anthony Hamilton.

Hip hop remixes are songs that a DJ has redone in their own style. It's a great way to get and tune in to some of the hottest artists hits in the rap game today. Here's a set of finding the best cds, videos and hip jump remixes online...

DatPiff. Whilst the customer service has fallen off recently, DatPiff is still regarded as the prominent location for remixes online. The is better than are fantastic (despite long download times). The segment for video releases is updated frequently and encourages artists such as Soulja Boy, Eminem and Clipse. In addition, DatPiff features a huge selection of hip hop freestyles incorporated into remixes as well.

ThatCrack. The burden time on ThatCrack is super fast, meaning you don't have a long wait around time for downloading the hottest new rap remixes. Simply put... these are the best remixes online, period. Of course, the general design and navigation of ThatCrack is not as sharp as DarPiff, the overall quality of the remixes (and the die hard selection of listeners) make this site an absolute necessity for anyone looking for hip hop remixes.

MixtapePass. In which the previous two websites feature just about any remix under the sunlight, MixTapePass offers the more difficult to get selections. If if you're a hardcore hip get fan in search of a remix your friends haven't heard yet, this is certainly the destination to do it.

Of the three websites listed, all accept remixes for free. Simply upload your remix to their site and someone will start reviewing it (trust me, there is always someone ready to listen! ). Achievable performers, I recommend MixTapePass as a location to start; with the slightly smaller fanbase you are more likely to get noticed. However, you should post your remixes on all three, as all you need are two or three positive reviews to get the ball going!

Bonus Recommendation: MixTapeTorrent. Although not one of the most popular providers of remixes, this excellent website is moving around and certainly worth looking at. Offering both trial and paid remixes, MTT offers a comprehensive selection of DJs and the new remixes on the left hand part of their homepage.
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