Friday, 14 November 2014

The Ever Changing Landscape of Digital Advertising

New Ways of Reaching Your Target AudienceTechnology has revolutionizing everything. Soon it will be March, and we will be filing tax returns. A few years ago, we got a consultant at the local H&R Block or went through the tedious paperwork. Technology has revolutionized everything, and this year, like the previous few years, we will file our tax returns on-line.Years ago we would walk to the mailbox to check local Ads, receive Christmas cards, bills to pay, letters to respond to, etc.

Now we sit at a computer screen. On our computers we can take advantage of Bill Pay, a digital service to pays bill on-line. We can write messages to friends in a variety of website. And just yesterday my aunt and uncle sent me an e-Christmas-Card, with a singing and dancing snowman. This is so much more dynamic than, "snail mail." Paper is wasteful and not nearly as efficient.More than ever before, advertisers must follow the trends in technology if they want to reach their target audiences.

In fact, as the public becomes more adept at integrating different modes of technology, advertisers are more able to fully inform their potential audiences about useful products in specific markets. Google AdWords is THE tool for the new advertising age.Within five years there will be more integration with computers, televisions, cell phones, and music players than ever before. Integrations will lead to the all in one source for consumers to seek out the information they want: e-mail, videos, web surfing, music, video games, planning, calendaring, and even doing taxes. Advertisers can use Google AdWords to help them and the consumers.Google AdWords has a few innovative twists on the old advertising box. It allows advertisers to target audiences through specific keywords.

The keywords will trigger a response only if sought out. This means that ads appear only advertising when the user is looking for that specific product. This ability to interact or react to consumers makes advertising so much more efficient. Imagine a newspaper that only advertised your personal interests, and that is "keyword advertising."For quality control and relevance, keywords are put through a process of "quality scoring." Quality scoring rates an ad on a scale of 1 - 10. The higher the score, the more prevalent the ad will become.

As a simple test I did a specific search to see if I could find certain products in my local area pertaining to one of my interests: craft beer. I am a craft brewer, and I am passionate about the art of brewing. In the search I wrote: "Orange County Craft Beers." In seconds, an ad appeared which promoted a new local store that uses a wine tasting bar and is also a premier craft beer retailer. It also happens to be only two miles from where I live. Another amazing feature of AdWords is that advertisers can do local, regional, national, or international, advertising. By giving specific products specific locations, only relevant results appear.

With so much information available at our fingertips, we are able to tap into all sorts of specific industries and interests and locations. Products are more accessible than ever before. Advertising as a form of information has obviously evolved. Branding advertising is becoming more integrated into our on-line experience as well. In addition to AdWords, advertisers can stream videos and show clips promoting their brand and image. Through viral marketing videos and bloggers, consumers have anability to create as well as to buy into the advertiser's identities they have created for their products.
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