Saturday, 18 October 2014

What Type of Christmas Shopper Are You?

Christmas shopping! Yup, it's that time of year when you're making lists and checking them twice, ensuring everyone in your family and social circle has been accounted for. But what is your preferred method of achieving this goal. We're here to ask, what type of Christmas shopper are you?Always Be Prepared -Like a good boy scout this shopper is always prepared. As a rule they tend to be fully wrapped and ready to go by the end of autumn. Despite the jibes from peers about their up-tightness, secretly this shopper is the envy of their pals. Christmas shopping began Boxing Day last year and now they're done and dusted. While others prepare to put their faith in crammed high streets or over-stretched delivery services, this shopper is sat snug at home in the comforting glow of twinkling fairy lights with their feet up supping eggnog and watching Christmas specials.Last Minute Dot Com -If you've ever bought flowers from a service station on the way to a party it is likely your Chrimbo shopping might take the following form. Good intentions give way to a frantic grab-what-you-can mentality as the announcement 'four shopping days left till Christmas' plants dread in your breast and you bolt to the high street. However since the dawn of the e-commerce there is an alternative scenario. The last minute online shopping spree, which potentially will yield better gifts than an 11th hour dash to the shops, but leaves you at the mercy of the postal service and very possibly with no gifts at all... that's not going to go down well.It's The Thought That Counts -The genuinely thoughtful shopper is a person who considers and investigates what will have their recipient smiling goofy. It isn't easy to do, especially if on a budget, but people remember the effort. These types are the people who take an interest in what you say, they tend to be good listeners, taking in the details, and everyone knows it's all about the details!Anything Goes -Generally these folks subscribe to the attitude that if it's covered in paper it's a gift, occasionally they hit the mark, but more often than not recipients are left befuddled. Unwrapping a bottle opener that you've used a hundred times in your gift givers house is never a thrill. These individuals can pass for thoughtful types to the casual onlooker, but it isn't the case. Because you have an interest in cars doesn't mean you want a CD of Jeremy Clarkson's top driving anthems...I Made This -Build it and they will come. Making a Christmas Gift is great and avoids the shopping element altogether. There is of course a caveat to this. You have to be good at crafting. Few are genuinely fond of tat, however much 'thought' went in to it. Thought can only go so far making a creation of indeterminate use held together by endless lengths of creased and misplaced cello-tape seem special. Don't be put off though, knitting, sticking, sewing and cutting a gift in the true spirit of Christmas and would only ever be unappreciated by the most bah-humbugs of Scrooges.Money Talks -Less about the gift itself, but more concerned about the price tag it came with. The expensive gift is quite often the fare of the newly romantic, and should not be discounted as a genuine gesture. It's nice to be a little frivolous occasionally, just as long as it doesn't send you plunging through your agreed overdraft limit. Typical gifts in this tend to be jewellery for the lady and watches for the gent. The more extravagant and independently wealthy might try a car, new abode, yacht, a private island...Is your Christmas shopping style represented here? Maybe you're a mixture of two or three. Regardless of your technique for finding gifts for family and friends, just remember to do it with a smile on your face and you can't go wrong. After all 'tis the season to be jolly!To get more information click here what to get your dad for christmas or you can also click here what to get dad for Christmas

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