Friday, 24 October 2014

Security Cameras Prevent Theft and Shoplifting

Possibly because of the economic down turn, thievery has become more common today than it has been in several decades. CCTV video surveillance security camera systems have been proven to be very effective at reducing shoplifting and catching shoplifters. Below is the story of a retail outlet store owner in south Florida, who won't operate a business without surveillance cameras ever again.For years the small retail store had a shoplifting epidemic, that was a much larger problem then normal. They tried many different security procedures that had been known to work in other similar situations, even hiring a security guard. None of these solutions seemed to bring the amount of merchandise being stolen down.

Then the owner had a eight camera surveillance system installed and finally saw results. It turns out that their theft problem had two different causes, both of which were put to an abrupt end thanks to their new security cameras.The first reason for the loss of so much merchandise was because of the employees. The people that worked their would just walk out the door with anything that felt like taking. Everything from candy and soda to PDAs and mp3 players were being taken by the very people who were supposed to be making sure that this sort of thing didn't happen. This problem had become rampant in part, because the employees didn't think they could be caught and didn't fear reprisal at all.The second reason they had such a problem with theft was because of teenagers.

Specifically one group of four teenagers making off with a very large amount of goods. These minors were working together like a group of longtime professional thieves. One of the group would be stationed at each end of an isle keeping look out ready to provide warning while the other two would hide goods on their persons or into shopping bags from previously purchased inexpensive items, then they would rotate to make sure that they were all fully loaded with soon to be stolen goods.With the help of the surveillance camera footage, they were able to successfully apprehend and prosecute many of the guilty parties. Product loss was brought down to almost nothing and the business is flourishing today. Owning a security camera system is an investment, but as in this case, the effect usually go well beyond justifying the means.This is why security cameras are so valuable.

When people know that they are being watched, they behave themselves. Without cameras there to watch over their every move, there is too much temptation to take what isn't yours. Security cameras are an investment that easily pays for itself. Stop a few instances of theft, and you are essentially getting the system for free. Not to mention the benefit to society should you catch a criminal and put him behind bars so he can't victimize anyone else. It is really a no brainer investment that everyone should make, why wait until you are victim, get them installed now so that you will be protected.
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