Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sad Love Songs

While sailing the seas of love, a sudden stormy wind can make us shocked, upset and distressed. Maybe a billions of words would not bring us back, neither would an ocean of tears, but, perhaps, listening to a sad love song could take us back, makes us feel, makes us cry again. A sad love song has the pain and sorrow that makes our eyes bloat with tears. That could give us comfort to our broken heart and helps us to free from the unexpressed pain of love.A simple melody or some few lines of expressions have the miraculous ability to touch us psychologically that calmly scatters a stimulation of love and sympathy on our mournful mind. Moreover, brings out the feelings of great joy and happiness. The soft music and deep appeal of a sad song can be calming, relaxing and it can also be intellectually inspiring, giving us strength for our mental healthEven in the feeling of being all alone, we love listening to sad songs that would make a great gift for a true lover to ring a bell in their memory that how much they miss and love the other. Such a song can share; bear our deepest feeling and emotion for love from generation to generation.The intense pleasures we get from a sad love song reinforces the brain biologically by increasing the thinking and cognitive power. In addition, makes some physical changes including good heart rate, breathing rate, pulse pressure which helps us to realize that each occurrence of sadness we go on, can open a parallel breathing space in our heart for future cheerfulness.We should be open to the prospect that the melancholy and unhappiness will fade away as times goes on. Like the drenching of water on a sandy and dusty burning land. Meanwhile let us enjoy to our lives, listening to a sad love song. Let our feeling of sorrow be expressed and create something good out it.To get more information click here musica romantica or you can also click here canciones de amor

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