Friday, 17 October 2014

Rackmount Powerstrips With Remote Outlet Control and Current Monitoring

Rackmount Powerstrips go a long way in making your IT equipment handling easy.

Teamed with a server rack, they have nowadays become indispensable in large and small data centers as well as industrial applications. There are a large amount of varieties of rackmount powerstrips that come with added features. The latest is a unique variety that comes with built-in intelligence, integrated support for optional environment sensors, and web-based energy performance tracking capabilities among many others.These type rackmount powerstrips are ideal for application areas where accurate and continuous power monitoring is required. They can help reduce energy costs and even include sensors that report heat and humidity levels that can aid in the efficient cooling resources used for server racks.The integrated intelligence features in these rackmount powerstrips allow you to gather such factors as data on voltage, current, power factor, apparent power, active power, environmental temperature and humidity and so on. These can also help you to manage your data center much more efficiently.

Many of these rackmount powerstrips have an LED display that can be read by onsite techs in addition to the remote monitoring feature.Some of the powerstrips are equipped with ringing or 'blinking light' alerts that would let you know as soon as power consumption reaches the maximum level. Accordingly, you can take measures for proper rectification in your computer rack as well. Tracking the humidity level is another prerogative of intelligent powerstrips. When you consider the expense of servers and the cost associated with a server going down due to environmental factors or power overload, these power strips are a very inexpensive way to be notified of a potential problem.If you are a fan of technological innovation and believe in making your contribution to the ecosystem then you should surely go for these powerstrips.
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