Thursday, 1 May 2014

For Entertainment Sake

My dad and paternal dad were residing together at our city when I was learning in my primary category. There were few kids inherited members. Since it was the suburbs, there was no enjoyment for us other than enjoying some inside activities. No tv or activities were there in those days. The only enjoyment for us was to go for a film sometimes.Unfortunately there was no cinema in our city.

We had to go to a nearby city, which is three miles away from our city. Going for a film for us was not as simple as everybody believes. After much conviction our mother and dad used to provide their approval so hesitantly, as they noticed that it would include a gathering attempt by them. So even after accepting to take us to the film, they always would look for some inexpensive reasons to terminate the program by displaying our minimal accidents, which occurred while we perform, or probability of rainfall on that particular day. Since there was no bus service available to the nearby city, they had to rely on covered bullock trolley (in tamil it is known as 'Koondu Vandi'), which was the inexpensive method of transportation available in those days.They had to get prepared the bullock trolleys well in enhance to keep it prepared for the journey. They also had to create the bullocks in a fit situation and also create them to put on metal footwear.

They had to get prepared the car proprietor who pushes the bullock trolley to be available on that day. Many periods our journey was known as off as the car proprietor did not convert up on that excellent day. Once we had to come back 50 percent the way because the bullocks rejected to go further. So many periods our enjoyment journey occurred to be an distressing one. But it never discouraged our enthusiasm; we always used to convince our mother and dad whenever we came to know that there was a excellent film tested in the nearby city.After few decades, a traveling talkie was started out in our own city. We believed that it would put an end to all our ordeals and stress and also would provide an excellent convenience to our mother and dad.

Of course, our mother and dad got a convenience, as they no more needed to organize gathering journey for us. But our joy of experiencing a film was temporary. We noticed that viewing a film in a traveling talkie is really a Huge process. Once we went for a film, but came back without seeing the film as the cinema proprietor advised us that since they did not get enough audience, could not run the display. Once we came back frustrated, as the fishing reels containing the box, which was to come from the nearby city, did not achieve. Once we gone for a film for the mid-day display at 2 P.M.

but came back at 2 A.M. as they took lot of your energy and attempt in sticking the fishing reels which used to cut off every ten moments run. Once we had experienced only 50 percent the film as large rainfall disturbed and the whole position became a share (!)Now I am surprised to see the improvements occurred there. Almost every home has phone and T.V places with wire relationship. They are experiencing the films at the convenience of their illustrating space.

Even they requirement the films of their option. Most of the houses having computer systems with Online access.. The show biz industry films are available through CDs. What a change! Previously we were operating for the enjoyment. Now enjoyment scrapes the gates of our houses.
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